Our Story


Our History

The origin of the SBH Marine can be traced back to year 2000 when it was founded by Mr Tan Boo Nam, our Group Managing Director. It started off as a local seafood distributor and trader in a small town named Kuala Kurau in the State of Perak, Malaysia. Over the years, we have grown to become a prominent vertically-integrated frozen seafood producer in Malaysia, recognized for its superior and premium quality frozen seafood products which are distributed globally to countries across the European Union, Middle East and Asia.

Vertical Integration

Our frozen seafood production is vertically integrated within the supply chain with plans to start our own shrimp fries production at our hatchery and nursery, our existing shrimp cultivation at our aquaculture shrimp farms and processing of frozen seafood products at our own processing plant.

Our seafood processing plant in Kuala Kurau is strategically located near established shrimp aquaculture farms as well as fishing towns and villages to provide us with a consistent supply of fresh seafood throughout the year. Close proximity to the North Butterworth Container Terminal in the State of Penang, Malaysia allows timely delivery of our products around the world.


Hatchery & Nursery
(To start in Year 2024)

Kurau farm

Aquaculture Shrimp Farming


Processing & Sales
(Domestic & Export)

Strategic Partnership

Since 2011, we have formed a strategic partnership with the State Agriculture Development Corporation of the Perak State Government to develop 440 acres of land near the coastlines of the Straits of Malacca for purpose of aquaculture farming of both Monodon and Vannamei shrimps. With strict adherence to good aquaculture practices with MyGAP and FQC certifications issued by the relevant authorities of Malaysia, we are committed to creating a sustainable seafood future for generations to come.`

Handing over of Dividend distribution to our partner, Perak SADC in year 2021

Handing over of Dividend distribution to our partner, Perak SADC in year 2021